The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) which regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions is effected on 15 November 2013. B.I.G. Industries Berhad 199001003718 (195285-D) and its subsidiaries and associates (“Group”) respect the privacy of individuals with regard to their personal data. The meaning of the terms “personal data” and “processing” refer to in this Personal Data Notice (“Notice”) is same as those in PDPA.


The personal data such as names, date of birth, NRIC/passport number, gender, address, marital status, occupation, qualification, etc provided by you to us, information from third parties or in public domain will or will continue to be used and processed by us for the following purposes and we shall not sell or trade the Personal Data to any third parties:


  1.  Communicate with you via letter, telephone call, short message service, email, bulletin and other correspondences.
  2.  Response to your inquiry or complaint.
  3.  Administer your participation in our events, activities, programmes, application for employment.
  4.  Compilation of surveys and/or questionnaires.
  5.  Provide you with our information about our products, sales promotion, services, etc.
  6. Enable us to discharge our contractual obligations, provision of services, and sales.
  7.  Disclosure to related companies, auditors, adviser, professional firms or entities.
  8.  Meet any legal or regulatory requirements as required or permitted by any applicable law, guidelines, regulations and/or  relevant regulatory.


Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the personal data is accurate, complete, not misleading and kept up-to-date by having regard to the aforesaid purposes, including any direct related purposes, for which the Personal Data is collected and further processed.


Under the PDPA, it is mandatory to obtain your consent and duly inform you of the following rights in respect of the Personal Data:


  1.  You may request to access information of the Personal Data.
  2.  Update or make correction/amendment to the Personal Data.
  3.  Limit the processing and use of the Personal Data.


It is necessary for the Group (name of companies are set out in our website under the “Corporate Structure”) to process the Personal Data without which we shall not be able to continue to use the Personal Data for the above purposes.


The Personal Data collected has been/will be retained by us for the duration permitted/required under Malaysian Law, which may extend to periods after termination of your contractual relationship with us. We shall maintain the security of the Personal Data.


For any queries, concerns, complaints, requests for access or correction of the Personal data, please email to